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 Skeeve's Beef Jerky Recipe

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PostSubject: Skeeve's Beef Jerky Recipe   Skeeve's Beef Jerky Recipe Empty18th July 2009, 15:02

Someone suggested I move some spam into the Brasery, and since I mentioned beef jerky, that sounds much more tasty than spam.

1 Flank steak
1 large onion, finely minced
Minced garlic, as much as you want.
1 cup soy sauce
1 cup worcestershire sauce
2 TBSP Liquid Smoke
1 TBSP Chili Powder
1 TBSP Seasoned Salt

For you metric users, just wing it.

Trim the fat and partially freeze the Flank steak. You can do this by putting it in the freezer and then trying to remember to take it out 2 hours later, or freeze it completely and then let it thaw and try to remember to get to it before it thaws completely. When it's partially frozen, it's easier to cut into thin strips.

Cut it into very thin strips with a sharpened knife. Mix all of the marinade ingredients. Place the flank steak into a 1-gallon ziploc bag along with the marinade. Seal it. Turn the bag upside-down and place it into another 1-gallon ziploc bag. Seal it. Trust me, you don't want this to leak all over your refrigerator. Been there, done that.

Refrigerate 12 hours or overnight. Try to flip the bag over at least once.

Arrange the jerky onto two cookie sheets. Discard marinade. Set the oven to the lowest possible setting it has (approximately 175°F or 80°C). There is no need to pre-heat. Place a wooden spoon in the oven door to prop it open (this is important!). Bake for 8-12 hours, checking every 3-4 hours or so. You might want to flip them over halfway.

They're ready when you say they're ready. I prefer mine a little moist. I know they keep longer when they're dry but trust me, these won't be around long once you taste them. Very Happy
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Skeeve's Beef Jerky Recipe Empty
PostSubject: Re: Skeeve's Beef Jerky Recipe   Skeeve's Beef Jerky Recipe Empty2nd August 2009, 12:15

Like, I love beef jerky, but um, doesn't it "back you up", digestively shall we say, if you eat too much?
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Skeeve's Beef Jerky Recipe
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