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 Lightwarriors Alliance in Travian

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PostSubject: Re: Lightwarriors Alliance in Travian   21st September 2007, 11:09

Lightwarriors Alliance in S4

Quote :
The first structure of LW in S4
Founder - Rifts Marines
Co-Leaders - kippe / De Dagda
Diplomats - Malioboro / jeff19 / Golgeter9
War Masters - BajingLuncat / Haakon / Box
Ruler - Gargoys

The Lightwarriors Wing Alliances
LW-A (Lightwarriors Academy)
LW-A2 (Lightwarriors Academy Too)
LW-VII (Merge of ULTE VII more Neutral)

The Lightwarriors Wing Leaders
LW-NT - kippe
LW-A - tilt / Ghostking
LW-A2 - tilt
LW-VII - rawedge
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Lightwarriors Alliance in Travian
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