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 3kds - The Server

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PostSubject: 3kds - The Server   15th September 2007, 09:48

The 3 Kingdoms

Server created with a base of 3 major cities/kingdoms, which one representing one side of the world of Euron.

  • Astoria
    The capital city of the "Sea Kingdom Astoria" lies on the Astorian Isle, The Dragon Isle in the Astorian Sea. This region was once home to all dragons in Euron. In a great battle the king of Astoria subdued the dragons. Since this time in the old ages long ago, the King of Astoria can always call upon the help of the mighty dragons of Astoria.
    Political System
    The Kingdom of Astoria is ruled by the "Sea King". At his sides is the powerful priesthood, which consists of Priests, Inquisitors and Paladins. The heir is the oldest son of the king.
    The god of Astoria is "Praion", a god who fights for the good in Euron. His domains are Justice, Law and Order. His Symbol is a red cross on white background.
    The second god of Astoria is the Goddess "Alaria", who is worshipped by the sea trading nation of Astoria. Her Domains are the Water, Wind and he purifying floods. She also his known for her great self-sacrificing nature.
    Diplomatic Relations
    Astoria fights the Dark Lord of Guranoon since the time before the Demon War. Astoria has good relations to Fernor and Colania.
    Through the capture of the Demon Lord, the commander of Guranoon's armies, the fight seemed won. But the Sea King did not know the evil plan of the Dark Lord, who was now brought his dark powers to the heart of the kingdom. Since this time the power and glory of Astoria decays. Through intrigues over the succession of the unnaturally old and decaying King the powers of Astoria decay even more.

  • Fernor
    "The Free City of Fernor" lies in the south of the continent "Euron" at the edge of the Great Ridge.
    Political System
    Fernor is governed by an elected mayor, the "First Protector". The Senate of Fernor, who consists of the wealthy traders and merchants of Fernor, elects him. A seat in the senate is bought through an annual fee. Only citizens of Fernor are allowed to buy themselves in the Senate. Citizen rights can be either purchased or earned by achievements of protecting the city of Fernor.
    The God of Fernor is "Deneb". Deneb is a god with neutral alignment. His domains are Trade and money. His symbol is a coin on a green background.
    Diplomatic Relations
    Fernor does not want to get involved in the fights between Astoria and Guranoon. They want maintain their independency through trade with the two other kingdoms.
    Because of their strategic position between the two other kingdoms Fernorís independency will not be easily maintained. The military powers are no match either for Guranoon or for Astoria. We will have to see which side Fernor will take in the upcoming battles.

  • Guranoon
    The "Dark City of Guranoon" with her black towers lies on the eastern side of the highlands just north of the great desert.
    Political System
    The Dark Lord evolves out of a meeting of the leaders of the Drow clans. Most times the cruelest will become the Dark Lord. His Power relies on slavery. Only these, who are useful of the plans of the Dark Lord can become powerful in his sphere of influence.
    The god devoted to Guranoon is the evil god "Ebon". His symbol is a white hand on black background. He is the god worshipped by the old Clans-Clans.
    The other two gods are Baurakaur and Kal Torak, the lord of blood and souls (chaotic evil). Kal Torak commands the 4th Division of Guranoon, the army of other races than the Drow, with greedy and power seeking adventurers who joined Guranoon and his evil plans.
    Diplomatic Relations
    Guranoon fights Astoria and tries to gain influence in Colania and Fernor. Up to now it is not enough powerful for a direct assault.
    Through the decay of Astoria, Guranoon will become the greatest power on Euron. On long terms the Dark Lord will treat Fernor not as trade partner. He will try to conquer the industrial facilities to arm his massing armies. After that Astoria cannot withstand the powers of Guranoon.

Map of Euron

Download of 3kds guide


Link to 3kds Forums


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3kds - The Server
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