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 Application for membership

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Registration date : 2009-11-17

PostSubject: Application for membership   17th November 2009, 10:12

I read and understood and approve the first 4 rules of this forum.

Player name: Cil

Ranking: 1474 Population: 4751

Village Description:
1. Campus Martius(capital) Rank: 8695
Population: 818 (129|-285)
2. Myth Village Rank: 7899
Population: 834 (127|-280)
3. New Troy Rank:16474
Population: 656 (131|-287)
4. Alba Longa Rank: 16806
Population: 648 (128|-283)
5. Pantheon Rank:18358

Population: 605 (132|-282)
6. Monte Capitoline Rank: 19669

Population: 564 (127|-297)

7. Mars Ultor Rank:23614
Population: 401 (130|-287)
8. Monte Quirinal Rank:27479
Population: 221 (123|-279)

Map Location:

Troops Description:
I have both offensive and defensive armies. 60% defensive and 40% offensive. Troops are almost 5x population.

Playing Game Style:
I am more on defensive player, I will have 80% and above of defensive armies incoming time, I have been focusing on troop growth recently over population. I have not been aggressive but have fought back when necessary, I do raid some also to help.

Current Alliance:
No, I didnít join any alliance. I have not had any decent offer for good alliance in past, only people wanting my help in return for officer position.

Reasons to join us:
I wish to join a powerful alliance with experience that LW has so I can experience the end part of game. Big players in my area are LW and I would look to help them with defence if necessary.

What you can bring to us:
I am very active and will obey all orders from leadership, I like to learn more and I am always happy to help friends.

Extra Info:
I have been following guidance of Scandal for some time now to learn how to play the game properly, I know when to fight and when to use diplomacy.
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PostSubject: Re: Application for membership   17th November 2009, 13:39

Application is now Under Discussion
Please allow 2-3 days for decision, thx.
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Application for membership
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