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 ALAMO & LightWarriors NAP Extended

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PostSubject: ALAMO & LightWarriors NAP Extended   15th October 2009, 10:47

I left a posting here (so I thought) last week, but must have done something wrong. I have re-posted, with updates. (I am glad I saved a copy!)

Rules :“I read and understood and approve the first 4 rules of this forum”.
Requesting: NAP
Alliance Name: ALAMO-R (Alamo Reserve)
Ranking: 100, but we are the junior wing of ALAMO, ranked at 31.
That was last week, as of yesterday we are #72.
Alliance Description: 9 players in SE, with 18207 points, 43 villages.
That was last week, as of yesterday we have 17 players, with 32,663 populations & 76 villages.
As you can see, we are growing quickly with quality players.
Reasons to for the Request:
The Alamo Leadership (Noah, Sanch, El Gotto, etc.) has requested us to mirror the Alliances and NAPs that they, as our parent wing, already have.
Extra Info:
As Alamo Reserve, we are a new wing created to host prospects that do not yet meet ALAMO requirements, probationary members, and others who do not fit ALAMO. We are a formal part of them.
My hope is to see the NAP develop into confederation, so that we fight together at End Game.
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ALAMO & LightWarriors NAP Extended
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