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 Baladezas (Under Discussion)

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PostSubject: Baladezas (Under Discussion)   9th October 2009, 17:26

I read and understood and approve the first 4 rules of this forum

Player Name:

General ranking: 954
Offensive ranking: 683

Villages Description:

1 Bike (126/-290) pop 651
2 Fault (121/-288) pop 738
3 Kolt (120/-290) pop 898
4 Like (121/-289) pop 861
5 Malt (123/-289) pop 788
6 Mike (134/-290) pop 352
7 Psych (117/-287) pop 533
8 Salt (125/-289) pop 703
9 Vault (121/-287) - Capital pop 967
Total population: 6491

Map Location:


Troops Description:

Playing Game Style:
Aggressive, but taking calculated risks (those ECs cost a lot). I respect all players and I play fair and this is a conscious decision, not just talking. Cooperation with the alliance goes without saying. In my view being part of an alliance does not mean hiding behind a name.
Current Alliance:
No alliance yet since the start of the server

Reasons to leave the Current Alliance:

Reasons to join us:
I had offers from some small alliances to join them and a few even offered me to lead them, but they are all farms. A player nearby joined PS FWE and I was talking with their recruiter Awara about joining them, but I'm a bit far from their center. He sat my account for a while, so if you want to ask for references please do. Then there is Scandal from LW-UD close by and some other LW members and I'd certainly prefer him as an ally and not an enemy (hope he feels the same)

What you will bring to us:
I have some experience in Travian, I play for three years now and I'm very loyal to my friends and allies. In one server I witnessed my capital being zero poped cause i refused to join the attackers' alliance and the sad thing was that my alliance offered very little help. At that point I learned that it is possible to have an account with no capital lol. My previous server was last S2, which my alliance MDS won along with the Dirty South meta, so I've seen a few things (and i can tell you endgame can be harsh)

Extra Info:
I don't spam

What battles (offensive and/or defensive) have you been involved with in the last 2 weeks :
I occasionally clear villages but no big battles that i've risked losing my army. I conquered my last two villages.

Thanks for your attention
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Baladezas (Under Discussion)
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