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 HWA diplomacy

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Diplomacy For HWA

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PostSubject: HWA diplomacy   20th June 2009, 08:30

Rules : Read Them.

"NAP / Alliance"

Alliance Name:

The meta has several ranks from 6-60

Alliance Description:
We have 300-350 players and only a few still have one village, we are located in the NW
Reasons to for the Request:
We have begun to look outside our quad for strong relationships.

Extra Info:
I am ivanho and I am coming to you on behalf of HWA. We are
a NW Meta as im sure you very well know. We are made up of 2 NW
alliances the Merged to strengthen our core, HEX and WAR. WAR has been
in the NW since early last server and was a great WW competitor for
PFTF. Although I could write the message to you about all our
achievements and story , but that is not the purpose of the message.

We are in search of strong allys who we know Aim high and have high
standards. We believe that we can
work well with LW and also your allys. You may think cross quad
relationships are pre-mature and un-needed at this point in the game,
but we believe strong confeds should be formed to insure security for
endgame where strong allys really count. We believe this because if you
form an relationship quickly to secure endgame it will not be as strong
as if you have worked with the ally for a long time period building
friendship and trust, Im sure that you will agree with us. We believe
that we can forge a relationship to help both sides. If you would like
to chat with us further we all use skype and are frequently online. I
await your reply ivanho (:
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HWA diplomacy
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