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 Non Aggression Pact

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PostSubject: Non Aggression Pact   3rd June 2009, 07:49

To the respected council of the Meta 'LW',

I am TDB from the alliance TK-LoH°

My alliances rank is 100. We have a main wing, TK-LoH, rank 57.

Aware of the implications of a war between our alliance,
Bearing in mind that the rank and position of our alliance is inferior to yours,
Further recognizing the complete supremacy of your alliance,
Emphasizing that a NAP will be a strong connection between two strong metas without any harm,
Mindful of the proximity(in terms of the position on the map) between our alliances,
Profoundly concerned about the best interests of both alliances,

Our alliance

Urges the LW alliance to consider the NAP,
Welcomes with satisfaction any further suggestions or ideas of having a confederacy.
Appreciates the patience and co-ordination of your alliance council.

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PostSubject: Re: Non Aggression Pact   3rd June 2009, 08:34

I appreciate you coming here to apply. However to request a Nap so you won't get taken out is hardly of any interest to us. If you would like state what your alliance is willing to offer ours then this discussion might advance further in the process. We just don't grant Nap's or Confeds unless there is a benefit to our Alliance.

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PostSubject: Re: Non Aggression Pact   4th July 2009, 11:37

“I read and understood and approve the first 4 rules of this forum"
I am blaqueprincess1 from TK-LoH,

Rank of alliance is 53(usually ranges from 45-55)

My rank in the alliance is 11, I presently have 4 villages and i'm very active.

We are a common trait; we are both very coordinated alliances and we both would love to be fighting together in the last days.

We pose no treat to you or any of your other alliances and wings and since we are a very defensive alliance we can stand together with you to help you with the Travian battles.

We would appreciate your confederacy with our alliance, looking forward to working and fighting alongside your alliance.

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PostSubject: Re: Non Aggression Pact   

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Non Aggression Pact
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