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PostSubject: NAP/Confed   8th March 2009, 18:22

My alliance would like to join in a NAP or Confed
alliance name:WWCITLSE
number aof members:30
reason:we are looking for friends or possible alliances to be a wing of.
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PostSubject: A CONFED or A NAP with us - D.A.2   27th March 2009, 22:41

Hi members of LW,
I'm KenshiZ from alliance D.A.2 in Travian sever 7
I wrote this because our alliance would like to be your ally as a confed or a nap if u guy accept.
Here is our info:

*Alliance Name: D.A.2
Now we rank at 80.
*Alliance Description:
Probably we have 30 members which are active.
Reasons to for the Request:
The reasons is u guys are strong and we would like to have a strong ally as we grow stronger everyday. Not because 1 of your member Renego farm some of our member doesn't means we under farmed. Only some of us have quite a few troops. But usually we farm other such especially our top 20. I don't want a war with u guys because Renego is trying to scout and raiding some of us. We have power to stop it. But I prefer a diplomat way for it. Diplomat must not be ignore. And I know that LW have strength but why not make us your ally we can have power and can surely aid you guys in war and until the end of this sever. I'm not joking you will see the differences when u have us as a trusted ally and agreement reach when we have a confed.
*Extra Info:
For extra info I just want to tell u guys that we are not a wing of any alliance yet. D.A.2 and D.A.1 are all equal so please don't miss understand . And we are working to be stronger, just 1 months left for it to be true may be less . We are trying to rule our area especially our center where there are a lot of members nearby. To grow stronger and faster and come to the end of this sever having a good and trusted ally will be great to help each others .

That's all I want to say.
Please pm me in Travian sever 7 at KenshiZ for what u guys think about it.

Enjoy gaming,
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